What can I say – when I see a onesie with cute inspirational sayings on the front, I just have to lean over and read it. I can’t help myself! This motivated me to come up with some of my very favorites and put them on our Early Arrival infant and preemie onesies. Here are three different ones to start, with more options hopefully on the way soon. Each onesie also has our adorable bunny logo printed on the back, right below the neckline.

All are made of 100% cotton and we offer both a preemie onesie (that’s our thing!) and a newborn onesie for those preemies that grow fast.

Preemie size: up to 6 lbs (2.72 kg) and 17” (43 cm) in length

Newborn size: 6-9 lbs (2.72 – 4.08 kg) and 21.5” (55 cm) in length