For you and your preemie every single day is a milestone … a miracle in the making.

And when health permits it’s such a treat to capture those moments with a milestone photo. The problem is, your tiny warrior is limited by a regular milestone blanket. Those only mark your baby’s actual age. For preemies its much more accurate to deal in “adjusted age” – the age they would be if they came to full term. We have a solution:

The preemie milestone blanket
It’s a cute, reusable memory in the making. You get:
– the preemie milestone blanket (100% cotton knit; 26×35″)
– made in the USA
– age conversion chart
– reusable card to note adjusted age
– dry marker
– colored ring to note actual age

So, show your beautiful baby in the best light, with a preemie milestone blanket. And keep celebrating miracles.