Parents, grandparents, medical staff, and relatives spend a lot of time at the bedside in these NICU rooms. It can start to get to you after a while. We nurses call this “NICU-itis”. I often think that if we decorated the Isolette® or crib with some encouraging, uplifting cards that everyone saw each time they came into the room, it would help us see the positive in the situation and lift our spirits.

My sweet and talented daughter-in-law, who had a preemie of her own, did the artwork for these beautiful cards and I hope they encourage you as much as they do everyone else who sees them. There are seven 4”x6” cards to a set (one for each day of the week!), with a unique set designed for boys or girls. In addition, we’ve created a distinct black and white set for those who prefer more basic colors that work for either gender. Each card has rounded corners to avoid anything sharp near the baby, and has a soft, laminated coating that can easily be wiped clean or sanitized with a cloth.

But why should adults, nurse, and doctors have all the fun? On the back side of each card, I’ve also included a developmentally-friendly black and white design for the babies to get in on all the action.

You can change them daily or whenever you want. Ask your nurse where you can place the card – they will let you know the best spot.

Attitude is the frame in which you view the world, the hue in which people see you, the tone in which they hear you and the mood for all your day’s activities.

Remember, this is your spot, your space. Try to make it yours – one as personal as you feel comfortable expressing. Something that makes you feel good about your baby, your nurse, yourself.