The book is how Early Arrival actually started fifteen years ago, born out of the passion of two NICU nurses in Raleigh, NC – Michele and Helen – who really wanted a place for parents to be able to record their baby’s journey (besides a paper towel, scrap paper, back of a diaper box, etc.).

The book is a keepsake very similar to a traditional baby book, but includes pages that are important to the developing NICU baby, such as daily weight gain, the transition from different bed types and progressing through different types of therapies. In addition, you will be able to mark important milestones in your baby’s development. Examples from the 72 beautifully illustrated pages can be found here. All told, the hardbound book covers the first 12 months of life.

Oh, and my favorite part: this book allows parents to more fully participate in the early stages of their baby’s care while in the hospital, not just when their baby is going home.

One final thought: just as it was in the beginning, it remains our hope that the book provides a way for you to capture and tell your special story to your little one. It’s your story to tell them – write it down. They will want to hear it. Preemies are the most impressive fighters in the world – they deserve to hear all about how they fought so hard.