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Welcome to our world – you’re early!

Did you know that one out of every 10 babies are born premature? 15 million babies in the world were born preemies in 2017 according to Bliss Baby Charity. I tell many of my patients that they are in good company! Here are some famous preemies:

  • Stevie Wonder, musician – 34 weeks
  • Mark Twain, author (born in 1835!) – 2 months early
  • Anna Pavlova, ballerina
  • Sir Winston Churchill, British politician – 32 weeks
  • Michael J Fox, actor – born in 1961
  • Albert Einstein, Nobel Prize winner – born in 1879
  • Wayde van Niekevk, Olympic gold medal winner – 29 weeks

(If you know of more, write me – I’d love to hear from you!)

The NICU can come across as a scary place. Alarms are going off, staff is rushing back and forth, everyone is always washing their hands. What’s up with that?


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