The Early Arrival creative team


Michele has been a nurse for more than 30 years, with a vast majority of them spent working in the NICU. She has a passion for preemies and their families, always looking out for ways to improve the overall NICU experience for parents. Her dedication to her craft resulted in being recognized as one of the Great 100 Registered Nurses in North Carolina in 2016. Michele and her husband, Scott, are parents to three grown children, the youngest of whom was a preemie!


Lizzy, her husband Josh, and their family live in North Carolina.  She is a part-time working mama, as well as part-time stay at home mama. They have a spunky 7-year-girl adopted from Uganda and a precious 5-year-old boy with special needs. Lizzy enjoys connecting with other adoptive families and mamas of children with medical needs, being outside, reading, and doing yoga.  She loves lettering statements of truth as a way to encourage others.  You can reach her by email at


Early Arrival is an intimate, family-run business focused exclusively on developing products that help improve the overall NICU experience for new parents. My husband and I started the company more than 15 years ago, hoping to tap into an under-served market by initially offering just one product – a unique, preemie-oriented baby book. The response was beyond gratifying, as we’ve now shipped tens of thousands to individuals and hospitals around the country, as well as international destinations as far away as Australia and New Zealand!

Becoming grandparents of a preemie more than five years ago prompted us to think about coming up with some new ideas on how we might further improve the NICU experience for parents. To that end, we recently expanded our product line to include inspirational crib card sets and cute onesies offering words of encouragement to get through these challenging times. And to assist us in these artistic endeavors, we turned to family once again – this time, our daughter-in-law! We’re thrilled to be able to leverage (and showcase) her talents in this area.

We hope you’ll find these offerings valuable as you begin your journey in the NICU. Drop us a line and let us know your thoughts. We’d love to hear from you!