Navigating the NICU experience

Welcome – I’m so glad you are here!

The birth of any baby is an incredibly special time, one full of so many hopes, dreams, and expectations. Yet, when a baby comes early, or prematurely, many of these feelings can undergo quite a transformation. Things all around you suddenly change, especially as you enter the world of tiny miracles – the world you’ll come to know as the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

Having been a neonatal nurse for many years, I’m passionate about finding new ways to make parents’ life in the NICU a little easier and well, maybe just a little more enjoyable along the way. This tiniest glimpse into what you are about to go through has led me to put together a collection of special products for the journey ahead. Take a look and see what interests you. I think you’ll like what you see!

A premature baby may look tiny and fragile to touch, but don’t underestimate the courage, strength, and determination of a baby born too soon.

Very few, if any, pages in other baby books apply to us. We are thrilled that our son can still have a baby book of his own!


“I love this book! Until my daughter was born at 32 weeks, I had no idea just how many challenges and milestones preemies face…