Dear Helen and Michele:

I wanted to thank you for your amazing creation — My Early Arrival Baby Journal. This journal has been a godsend! When my son was born 12 weeks premature, our lives were turned upside-down! We spent over 10 weeks in the hospital. During the long days in the NICU, I would sit and write in my journal, and flip forward and dream of the days ahead.

Your book certainly helped pass the time and showed me that, even when the doctors were not optimistic, I did have something to look forward to!

Additionally, "normal" baby journals no longer apply to us. We weren't able to hold our son for four days. He was hooked up to machines until just a couple of days before he went home. We didn't leave the hospital within 48 hours. Very few, if any, pages in other baby books apply to us. We are thrilled that our son can still have a baby book of his own!

Please know that I am so thankful for you and your journal! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

- Angie    

"I love this book! Until my daughter was born at 32 weeks, I had no idea just how many challenges and milestones preemies face... My daughter spent 5 weeks in the hospital being weaned from heated beds, feeding tubes, and respiratory care machines before we could think about bringing her home. We would not want to forget any of the happy days when each of these tiny but important milestone were met. Thanks to the Early Arrival Baby Journal, I have a precious record of the many joys we experienced during what can only be considered a scary time in my family's life. The Journal offers parents an opportunity to express their fears, disappointments, and joys that go along with the world of neonatal care. It is a special book that my family will cherish forever. I remember one of my daughter's nurses telling me that preemies love to hear "their stories" when they get older.  Now my daughter and I have will be able to look at her special baby journal and remember together."

- Christy Sandy, parent of preemie daughter

“Our Foundation purchased enough of these wonderful baby books so that we could give one to each parent with a preemie born at less than 32 weeks gestation. Our parents are so excited and have thanked us many times over. Just today, I saw one new mom arrive in the unit clutching her book close to her heart as if she were holding her own baby who is too sick to hold. The books give the parents something to work on during those long hours at their baby's bedside and I am sure these will be priceless memories in years to come.”

- Linda Kessler, Manager, NICU, Wake Medical Center

“This book is a very welcome addition to the books available for families of premature infants. This is a "baby book" that allows a family to record events, not only to celebrate the birth of their new baby, but also to acknowledge the special challenges that being born too early may bring. The authors show a wise sensitivity to the conflicting feelings that families of premature babies may have. And the artwork is lovely. I suspect many in neonatology will say, "at last", such a book is available.”

- Laurie Dunn, M.D., Neonatologist