arly Arrival, Inc. is a new company started in 2003 whose founders include Michele Bain and Helen Dobbins, both Registered Nurses and the authors of My Early Arrival Baby Journal. Our goal is to make the book broadly available to parents of premature infants looking for way to be an integral part of their baby's care from the outset. The baby book has been extremely well-received thus far, with many copies already distributed through local hospitals and their gift shops in the Southeast and Midwest. You can read specific comments about the book in the Testimonials section of this website.

Michele is a Registered Nurse and was the mother of a preemie. She is currently working in the NICU of a hospital in the Raleigh area, having spent most of her 23 years of nursing experience in neonatal units of hospitals across the eastern half of the United States.

Helen is also a Registered Nurse and works in the NICU of a Raleigh-area hospital. Both of her children were born prematurely. In the 24 years she has been a nurse, Helen has been involved with numerous infant developmental teams in hospitals across the Carolinas and spent the majority of her career in the neonatal unit.